Connection with Intention

Are you someone constantly on the move, seeking a moment of stillness? Join us to experience that liberating sense of groundedness and freedom.

Join our community of women.

Join Beth Montpas & Dawn Hafner

Find tranquility amidst life's beautiful chaos.

Imagine a life where your soul finds solace in this wild world, a life filled with purpose and mindfulness. Beth and Dawn are thrilled to offer you a transformative experience tailored just for you—a year-long journey where you'll receive unwavering love, empowering tools, and the support of an AMAZING community of women.


Embrace the calm within

We understand that life can often feel like a magnificent MESS, but together, we're here to guide you towards a more peaceful and intentional existence. Join the community of women who have already joined and create your own path to calmness, presence, and self-connection.

ONLY $399 for 12 months of the Connection with Intention Group Membership

That's less than $8 a week, a small price to pay for the immense value and growth you'll gain on this transformative journey.

What's included in the Connection with Intention Group Membership?

  • Group Coaching on topics such as sugar detox, alcohol reduction, joy, worthiness, spirituality and more

  • Daily Accountability

  • Community

  • Emotional Support

  • Mindful Video Lessons

  • Yoga + Meditation Sessions

  • In-person Connection Events

  • Discounts on Retreat


“I learned different ways to address my body, mind and spirit. The yoga brought focus and intention in my physical aspects. The coaching discussions are well-rounded and addressed situations that I was going through and I found it interesting that other people were going through along with me! Each month focusing on different topics also provided me new insights and ways that I can care for and love myself.”

Jen B.

"The Connect with Intention group has helped me expand and explore areas somewhat unfamiliar to me. Specifically, two books that I would not have chosen myself, helped me to explore more of my inner self. I highly recommend Living Untethered and Be Where You Are. The discussion and videos connected to these books and self-exploring topics were so intriguing and I felt like I opened a little door into myself. Also, I wasn’t one who had embraced yoga, but by being a part of this group I was exposed to yoga and also women who were active in yoga. I have challenged myself to do more yoga and really have enjoyed adding it as an exercise option."

Brenda M.


You are deserving of this transformative experience, and you have the strength to embrace it. We will be right there with you, guiding you every step of the way.

ONLY $399 for 12 months

That's less than $8 a week, a small price to pay for the immense value and growth you'll gain on this transformative journey.

What topics will we be covering in 2024?

  • January: Embrace a Healthier You with Our Sugar Detox Challenge

  • February: Discover Balance - Moderation in Alcohol Consumption

  • March: Explore Inner Peace with Spiritual Solutions

  • Additional Themes: Uncover the Secrets to Joy, Cultivate Self-Worth, Master Conscious Parenting, and Build Positive Habits for Life"

Meet Your Transformation Team

Beth Montpas

Life Coach

Life is messy yet beautiful -- who better to be your thinking partner than someone who is transparent and vulnerable about her own up and down path and creates space for real, raw connection with other women who are ready for change. If you need a cheerleader to encourage or energize your dreams, check-out Beth’s free Best Life Tribe Facebook group. She uses small curated groups and private 1:1 coaching to connect women and women business owners for inspiration and connection.

Dawn Hafner

Mindset Coach

Dawn specializes in teaching mindset and meditation to show stressed out people a more peaceful and even more productive way of living their life with ease. Stress comes not from our activities, but that our activities are misaligned with our soul. Away from work, she is a mom to two amazing young men and two sweet dogs, Gracie + Clifford.  You can find her reading nearly everywhere. Her superpower is knowing the BEST salad on the menu of every restaurant because nothing beats a gorgeous salad I didn’t make.